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We use modern day advertising strategies to help you get a massive ROI from your marketing budget
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About Us
CleverMarketingCo is a Digital Marketing Agency 
that specializes in helping business generate leads, sales and new revenue

We use a modern day approach to advertising which includes certain forms of media such as Facebook, Google Instagram and Email.

To Put It In Better Terms....
Pretend your business is a bucket, and the goal is to fill the bucket to the top with water. If your bucket has holes in it no matter how much water you pour, you will never reach the top.
How We Can Help
"We help fix those leaky holes you have in your bucket"
Facebook Ads allow you to direct highly specified traffic to your business. That means no more spending time and money trying to guess who your ideal customer is. Facebook gives you the ability to track data and create custom audiences based on Facebook's knowledge of their users. Of any paid ad platform, traditional or digital, facebook has the lowest cost per reach.
Google Ad Words allows you to direct traffic to your business based on keyword searches. People can be targeted based on certain words and phrases that they search, allowing you to target people with an interest in your product or service. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. 
Automations take away some of the hands on responsibilities of lead generation. This is where we save businesses tons of time and money! With marketing automation you have a 360-degree view of how your prospects are interacting with you and the tools to turn them into customers.
Marketing automations help your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals, and better measure marketing success by following up with cold leads and turning them into warm ones through multi-point contact.. This is done through a variety of email sequences and chatbots
Sales funnels help promote a product or service more predominantly than a generic website. The sales funnel is a tool that helps you visualize the buyer journey, or the path a prospect takes as they become familiar with your company. From introduction to conversion (and hopefully beyond), A prospect either descends into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases or they exit the funnel when they lose interest.
Don't Take Our Word For It
Case study
Victoria Dental Group
356 Dental Leads in 60 Days
$25,000 in Revenue 
with a $1500 marketing Budget
 I recently bought a Dental Practice and sought out CleverMarketingCo to help me get the ball rolling on patient acquisition. Three months later, my practice is overflowing with new patients! I have never had a new practice become so successful so fast!

Dr Hameed

Owner @ Victoria Dental Group
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