About us
"Marketing Made Clever"
CleverMarketingCo is a Digital Marketing Agency
that specializes in helping businesses generate new revenue by creating an automated marketing system that uses Facebook and Google to drive traffic to Custom Landing pages designed to capture new leads 
The Clever Marketing Co Team
Pierce Grimes
Pierce is the mastermind behind Clever Marketing Co.
He specializes in helping businesses build out automated marketing systems that will consistently produce new
leads and sales. This system will increase visibility and
revenue for your business, allowing you to spend more time
in other aspects of your business that need your attention.
Adam Dahan
Adam is the creative content genius on the team. He works with you to create captivating content for your Facebook and Google ads. The crisp charismatic graphics he designs combined with imaginative copy are used to drive more people to your Custom Landing Page and keep them coming for more.
Some of the Businesses We Have Helped...
"Marketing Made Clever"
Cosmetic Dentistry
  •  Lead Generation: 150 High Quality Leads in a 30 day period.
  •  New Monthly Revenue: 10 New Patients at $500+ per patient
  •  Social Media: 1500 New Facebook Page Likes  
Gym and Crossfit Center
  •  Lead Generation: 60 High Quality Leads in a 13 day period.
  •  New Monthly Revenue: 5 New Members at $150/month 
  •  Social Media: 300 New Facebook Page Likes  
Local Chiropractor
  •  Lead Generation: 40 High Quality Leads in a 14 day period.
  •  New Monthly Revenue: 7 New Patients at $350+ per patient
  •  Social Media: 150 New Facebook Page Likes  
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